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About Sage Partners

Founded in 2001, Sage Partners was designed from the outset to be an unusual firm for high talent professionals whose work style is client-focused and team-oriented. The core strategic themes that guides our work are accelerating growth and increasing company value. In our careers, as managers and as advisors to managers, we’ve learned the value of growing organizations. Growth delivers value for employees, who like to work where opportunity for advancement exists; for customers, who receive high levels of service and much higher rates of new product introductions; for communities, where expanding enterprises generate jobs and revenues for enhanced services; and for investors, who receive sharply higher returns. Our commitment to our clients is to measure our success by the financial and competitive success our clients achieve.

We work in teams. We’ve learned that the best ideas come from collaboration, from the interaction of different experiences and points of view. Our teams include Sage Partners and the client itself. By working shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients, we improve the likelihood that our recommendations for action will be understood, embraced and lead to the desired impact.  Our style is not to generate volumes of documents but rather to bring ideas and initiatives into the fabric of the client’s processes and culture. We call this style “learning by doing” to distinguish it from the more common, ponderous style which generates fees for the consultant, rather than impact for the client.

We work with our clients on the Big Things they face. These can be purely strategic, such as a merger proposal or a new product development effort, or organizational, such as the innovation process or cultural issues that disrupt progress. With the breadth and depth of our capability we can work on a wide range of big things for our clients. Further, we have strategic relationships with other organizations so if we see a need for additional subject matter expertise or more specific process knowledge, we have trusted partners to whom we can turn.

Finally our client mix, purposely, includes both younger, smaller organizations that need our assistance to reach the next level of scale and performance, as well as larger organizations that need to ratchet up their rate of value-creating growth. Working within both groups of clients gives us valuable perspectives to share. For example, from our younger clients we bring hands-on experience in acting rapidly and being flexible; from our larger clients we bring the value of effective processes that facilitate scale.


Who We Are

Sage Partners brings together highly experienced, thoughtful individuals, working as a community to help companies of all sizes master the challenge of generating opportunities and creating value through successful, strategic growth.

What We Think

It’s time to choose….

We believe that holding onto business-as-usual tactics and strategies will not accelerate a company’s growth or advance strategic initiatives.  Our partners pride themselves on digging deep into an organization to develop imaginative and smart strategies to accelerate the growth and value of a business.

What We Do

Our mission is to help time-starved Executive Leaders (who find themselves pressed to focus on managing the bottom-line and quarterly earnings) challenge and push their organizations to re-imagine and re-invent the way they do business.  We help them discover and seize opportunities that will have significant impact on the company’s performance and value.


  • We work as a community
  • We focus on Enhancing Value
  • We do Whatever It Takes
  • We Have Our Hands in the Clay, “We do the Work”
  • We Challenge Conventional Thinking
  • We understand the balance of Risk vs. Opportunity
  • We value the Passion of Entrepreneurs


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