Roland Van Kralingen (Partner) recently published his newest book in the Netherlands. “Frontrunners -The 8 Characteristics of Market Leaders”. It has now been nominated for the Management book of the year award for 2015!

The ability to achieve market leadership is subject to certain patterns or ‘laws’ but is largely unknown or actively practiced by the management of many companies.

A working group of six top alumni of the University of Groningen’s Management School (AOG) under the direction of Roland van Kralingen performed 2.5 years of case studies to investigate what the characteristics are of market leaders and runners-up.

The 8 Characteristics found are: 1. Market leaders have a strong focus on the creation and innovation of added value, 2. Market leaders create their own product category, 3. Market leaders constantly innovate their category, 4. Market leaders are strongly connected with the context, 5. Market leaders have an inspirational identity, 6. Market leaders create a strong brand (s), 7. Market leaders take their responsibility, 8. Market leaders are very well informed on the lastest developments in marketing & media.


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