Value-Creating Growth Getting Renewed Interest

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May 16 , 2016 | Posted by Sage Partners |

Value-Creating Growth Getting Renewed Interest

With today’s national economies lagging in their recoveries from the 2008 global meltdown, CEO’s are beginning to search for ways to get out of their slow-growth ruts. Our work over the years underscores that it is growth that creates value–for investors (high returns); for customers (more and better products and services); for employees (higher job satisfaction and solid growth of income); and for economies at large (more and better jobs). The latest indicator that growth is returning to the corporate agenda, Tom Doorley’s book, Value-Creating Growth, has continued to sell. The publisher, John Wiley & Sons, reports increased sales of this well-received book. Tom and Sage are considering how to reprise the book with fresh lessons for today’s CEOs and their Boards.