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I lead IP commercialization.

Can we better translate research into value?
innovation to impact

Current Environment

Universities and other research organizations create intellectual property (IP) with vast potential to contribute to the public good and create economic value.  However, U.S. research universities and medical centers translate only a tiny fraction of their 30,000 plus yearly invention disclosures into commercially relevant assets. Less than 5% of their annual $70B+ in research ever produces any revenue.


“University IP can confer substantial financial, reputational, internal, and societal benefits…
if it is effectively channeled to industry and new ventures who will refine, develop and bring it to market”

Industry funding of collaborative research in key domains (Life sciences, Cleantech, Data Science) is accelerating rapidly as academic partnerships replace internal R&D departments as a source of foundational IP.  At the same time, traditional (i.e., Federal and State Governments) funding is not keeping up with the needs and capabilities of many research organizations.

In light of such trends, University Leadership seeks new models and capabilities that will help them unlock the unrealized value of their IP.  The economic value of IP comes in 3 primary forms:

  1. Industry-Sponsored Research, 

  2. Intellectual Property License Fees, and 

  3. Equity in Startup/SpinOut companies. 


We Build Together

Sage Partners provides services that enable institutions to monetize their IP more systematically and successfully.  We help Innovation leaders:

  • Assess institutional competencies in comparison to their peers

  • Institutionalize the path to impact and value

  • Develop and engage the innovation ecosystem

  • De-risk and boost the success of startups/spin-outs 

Sage Partners’ proven ability to assist universities to capitalize on these emerging opportunities draws heavily upon accepted best practices and deep Partner expertise.  We provide critical strategies, organizational development, and industry connections that help to bridge the gap between innovative IP and its commercial value.  Each engagement is customized to the individual research institution’s priorities and cultures.

Here are a few examples that illustrate our perspective on research commercialization and the outcomes that were achieved.  If you are interested in learning more, please contact us.

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