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Venture Growth

The Venture Growth Process

Sage Partners guide founders to traverse the route to profitable, sustainable growth. Our team of accomplished entrepreneurs and operators step in to augment the dynamic demands of the growing startup.

​Our process typically begins with the Sage Accelerator – a complementary session where you pitch your business in a “safe environment” to a team of Partners. You’ll receive actionable feedback, insights, and ideas. We "score" you - and you likewise assess your startup - using our proprietary Sage Startup Success Scorecard™. This provides a framework to easily identify areas of strength and improvement. If we mutually agree that working with Sage can add tangible value to your company, we can be engaged to assist with a specific need – such as recrafting the investor deck, updating financials, tuning the business model, or otherwise helping you to tell a better story. We call this a "Deep Dive" session. Once you've had a chance to digest and implement, we mutually assess if a long-term collaborative partnership will help you to achieve your goals. We typically work on long-term engagements to help accelerate growth, assist with fundraising rounds, and ultimately guide to a successful exit. Here's a full list of our Venture Growth Services.

Sage Partners is not an investment firm - although many partners are active individual angel investors and L.P.s. Our value is cemented in the time we invest with our clients and from our active network of funders - at last count, approaching 200 professional investors/firms (from seed to Series D) - where we have personal connections.

Venture Advisory Services

For young companies not yet ready to take advantage of the depth and breadth of a Venture Growth engagement, individual Partners often serve as Advisors to startups. This nurturing role helps entrepreneurs address the wide range of challenges that are not unique to startups or our Partners but are often first-time events for the founding team. 

We Win Together

In all cases, our compensation is aligned with your success. At Sage Partners, we don’t have junior staff that need billable hours. We are a team of accomplished senior executives. We take on projects where we feel we can add tangible value and work alongside management to get the job done. When you win, we win.

Venture Growth

Sage Partners guide founders to traverse the route to profitable, sustainable growth

Reflecting the depth and breadth of our Partner's backgrounds, our services include:

  • Venture Health/Status/Outlook Assessment (deep dive using Sage Startup Success Scorecard™)

    • Fundability

    • Enterprise Value 

    • Organizational Needs

    • Market Assessment

    • Enterprise Health - Deep Dive

  • Fundraising (ongoing)

    • Strategy

    • Preparation

      • Diligence/data room​

      • Rehearsal/role-plaing

    • Materials

    • Referral

    • Negotiation Support 

  • Interim/Fractional Leadership

    • General Management

    • Finance and Administration

    • Sales and Marketing

    • Board Membership

  • Strategy and Planning

    • Market Target, Focus

    • Business Model, Pricing

    • GTM Strategy

    • Product Roadmap

    • Financial Modeling

    • Capitalization Strategy - Restructuring

  • Talent & Leadership Development

    • Organizational Design

    • Assessment / Interviews

    • Sourcing/Network Access

    • Executive Coaching (privately or en-group)

  • Business/Corporate Development, M&A 

    • Build Optionality Through Strategic Partnership

    • Deal sourcing

    • EV optimization

    • Negotiation

    • Unstick “Turnarounds” (VC-backed or privately owned companies that are stuck)

    • Situation assessment

    • Turnaround strategy

    • Management support

If you are interested in learning more, please contact us.

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