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Frederick Felman


San Francisco, CA

“The whole process of wrestling with constraints to build indispensable products and services is fascinating and fun. Ultimately, creating companies that deliver value that’s both engrained in customers’ minds and closely associated with the brand that delivers them is the reward.”

With over three decades of experience as a marketing executive, advisor, and board member within the technology sector, Frederick Felman has a proven track record scaling technology companies. His expertise encompasses go-to-market, brand, product, growth, and outreach.

Fred’s journey includes notable roles as Chief Marketing Officer at divisions of publicly traded companies, including Thomson Reuters (NYSE: TRI) and Checkpoint Computer Software (NASDAQ: CHKP). Throughout his career, Fred has also advised early-stage companies, including Splunk (NASDAQ: SPLK) and many others with very successful outcomes.


Encompassing financial services, consumer and enterprise security, legal information services, and software development companies, Fred has been a member of founding teams, stewarded exponential growth, defined products and product-led go-to-market strategies, built well-known brands, and developed communities. Some of his startups and advisory clients have become publicly traded multi-billion dollar companies, and others have realized 9-figure exits. 

A standout chapter in Fred’s career unfolded at MarkMonitor. Alongside a seasoned team, he pioneered the online brand protection category—garnering the attention of Thomson Reuters—leading to MarkMonitor's acquisition. Fred's accomplishments included growing revenue from $20 to approximately $100 million and establishing MarkMonitor as a global leader. At acquisition, Fred assumed responsibility for marketing for a $250M ARR division of Thomson Reuters. 


Earlier in his career, as Vice President of Marketing at Zone Labs, Fred played a fundamental role in creating a category, brand, and product that ultimately led to its acquisition by CheckPoint. His contributions included defining the first enterprise-scalable endpoint security solution and introducing a product-led consumer security offering generating $33 million ARR.

Fred’s journey has been marked by innovative thinking, strategic leadership, and a relentless commitment to excellence. His contributions have shaped the trajectory of the companies he's been a part of and influenced the broader landscape of digital risk protection and security solutions. He has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Southern California and is an alumnus of Accenture. 


In his personal life, Fred is a board member of the Marine Mammal Care Center, certified by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration as exclusively responsible for the rescue and care of ailing marine mammals in greater Los Angeles. He lives with his husband and dog in Southern California, where they enjoy traveling, paddleboarding, kayaking, cycling, and hiking.

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