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Choosing the right path to growth

Sage Founder and author of "Value-Creating Growth" Tom Doorley comments that, "McKinsey makes, as is their wont, an excellent case for growth and outline how to get from an idea to the result, value-creating growth. I only have one modification, namely, that in our experience, too often companies state a claim on growth, establish a set of goals and even propose a set of initiatives intended to deliver growth. The problem is, after a period of low growth, the organization has lost its growth-fitness, its growth muscles have atrophied. They need to rebuild their growth capabilities. We counsel a simultaneous process--choosing the appropriate growth pathways along the lines McKinsey proposes, while also digging deeply into the underlying processes, structures, incentives, culture---the full arc of growth capabilities. You have to fix the underdeveloped capabilities in order to have a reasonable probability of success as you proceed on the growth journey. The journey is worth it. Growth creates value everywhere that matters. But before embarking on the journey you need to have the capabilities in place."

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