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M&A: 2024 Growth Strategy

Episode 001: Focus on Growth - Sage Insights

As we look forward to a resurgence of M&A as a viable growth strategy in 2024, please join Barry Winer, Deloitte’s head of M&A research, and Tom Doorley, Chair and founder of Sage Partners, to discuss the findings from Deloitte's largest M&A survey in its ten-year history.

This episode of Focus on Growth - Sage Insights podcast offers an optimistic outlook for 2024 and focuses on actionable insights to enhance your chances of success. By exploring the practices of private equity and corporate M&A, we will equip you with the knowledge to make the most of strategic and economic M&A. As the M&A landscape evolves, learn how to harness the wave of opportunity to achieve your strategic growth goals.

About the Pod

Focus on Growth - Sage Insights is a concise, power-packed podcast by Sage Partners. Tailored for leaders and aspiring leaders of companies ranging from burgeoning startups to the established, each episode offers actionable advice and insights to help you accelerate growth. Each episode is 15-20 minutes - designed to fit into the busy schedules of C-suite leaders and decision-makers.

At the core of this series is the exploration of growth strategies and their impact on creating value for all stakeholders. Sage Partners brings their extensive experience and expertise to these conversations.

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