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Sage Partners leads the third in a series of conversations on how to (re)Ignite Growth during the COVID era


Turn Lessons from 2020 into Actions in 2021

Disruption in 2020 forced dramatic change. What have leaders learned about their company’s customers, organizations, operations, and capabilities? What was the impact on leaders personally? How do these insights differ from the fundamentals that have historically driven the business, and what are the implications for growth? 

Join Sage Partners for our next virtual event, (re)Ignite Growth: Turn Lessons from 2020 into Actions in 2021. Our all-CEO panelists will share their 2020 experiences and how these shaped strategies and tactics for 2021 and beyond. Explore how to use your own 2020 insights to fuel growth initiatives in the new year.




Karen Colberg

Co-CEO, King Arthur Baking Company

Karen Colberg is Co-CEO of King Arthur Baking Company in Norwich, VT. Karen is a long-time King Arthur Baking Company employee-owner and in addition to serving as Co-CEO, she is also the Chief Brand Officer, a key member of the King Arthur Baking Company three-person leadership team. Before coming to King Arthur Baking Company in 2005, Karen worked for eight years as Divisional Merchandise manager for Gap, Inc. and in General Electric’s Financial Management program. Karen holds a Bachelor’s degree from Colgate University and an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, and is a member of the New England Advisory Council for the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.


Eric Rosenbaum

President and CEO, Project Renewal

Eric Rosenbaum is President and Chief Executive Officer of Project Renewal, a leading New York City homeless services nonprofit agency. Previously, he served as Chief Executive Officer of Lantern, a nonprofit that works with formerly-homeless individuals and those at risk of homelessness. He has also served as Chief Operating Officer of Win, Inc., a provider of family homeless shelters and family supportive housing. Eric serves on several boards, including Homeless Services United, the umbrella organization that represents the city’s homeless services organizations. In addition to his nonprofit experience, he has over two decades of experience in corporate management, working for companies such as Colgate-Palmolive. He earned an MS in Public Health and an MBA from UNC Chapel Hill, and a BA in biology from UCLA.


Karim Gangji
CEO and Founder, Incos Ltd.

Karim Gangji is CEO and founder of Incos Ltd., a UK-based organization distributing everyday fragrances and bathing products. Their products are sold in 40,000 retail outlets worldwide, including large national chains from Canada to Australia. In the UK their "So…?" fragrance range is currently the No. 1 selling mass fragrance brand. Karim is a serial entrepreneur, focusing on the supply of fragrances to European mass merchandisers since 1984. Following the breakup of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, he established a successful distribution organization in the C.I.S to bring the most recognized western CPG brands from Unilever, Colgate, Philip Morris, etc. to a population craving these products. Long-before COVID-19, in this environment he learned how to react quickly to ever-changing political and regulatory directives that can turn a business on its head in the space of a few days. Karim is a graduate of the London School of Economics.


Thomas L. Doorley, III

Chairman and co-Founder, Sage Partners

Tom Doorley is Chairman and co-Founder of Sage Partners. Before Sage, he was a leader in the strategy practice at Deloitte, which was formed from the acquisition of Braxton Consulting, a firm Tom co-founded. He was a spokesman for Deloitte at the World Economic Forum. Tom has been a lead director of several company boards and wrote the book Value-creating Growth. Tom earned his MBA degree at Columbia Business School.


Mimi Macksoud

Partner, Sage Partners

Mimi Macksoud is a partner at Sage Partners. She was the founder and CEO of a venture-backed software and information company that was ultimately acquired by Dow Jones. Previously she was the chief marketing officer for two companies, leading both to record revenues during a major recession. Earlier in her career, she led the sales and marketing effectiveness practice at Arthur D. Little. Mimi earned her MBA degree at the Tuck School of Business.

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