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Sage Partners leads the next in a series of conversations on how to (re)Ignite Growth during the COVID era


How to Create Today's Navigation Plans

Today’s CEOs are like ship captains who find themselves thrust into treacherous seas and hazardous weather conditions. The captain and crew must respond much more rapidly than they would if they were sailing with fair winds and familiar landmarks. Even before COVID, the accelerating pace of change was undermining traditional planning cycles and strategy formulation processes. Today’s environment requires much more emphasis on responsive tactics as obstacles and opportunities arise - but not losing sight of the shared horizon.

Join Sage Partners for our next virtual event, (re)Ignite Growth: How to Create Today’s Navigation Plans. Our panelists will share what they’ve learned from leading through uncertain times. What adjustments did they make? Which ones were successful? What mistakes did they learn from? And how will those lessons help them steer their organizations forward in 2021?





Rebecca Dalley

Executive Director, The Shuttleworth Trust

Rebecca Dalley is Executive Director of The Shuttleworth Trust, a unique education non-profit in the UK. She has carved out a niche in the sensitive development of heritage organizations in need of significant culture and commercial change. Bedfordshire’s Richard Ormonde Shuttleworth Remembrance Trust looks after an unbroken chain of heritage aviation engineering and flying skills using a working collection of 42 aircraft, including the world’s only collection of flying pre-First World War (Edwardian) planes and the UK’s largest collection of working Edwardian cars - all situated on a historic estate with a Mansion House and a unique ornamental 1820s Swiss-inspired garden, as well as the working airfield. Rebecca’s previous role was the redevelopment of the Royal Air Force Museum in London for the centenary of the RAF in 2018.  This was a £26M transformation program over five years designed to address relevance and resilience issues in time for the centenary of the world’s first independent air force. Her prior career was in the commercial departments of the National Museum sector of the UK at the Imperial War Museum Duxford and the Science Museum. Rebecca holds degrees from the University of Leicester and the University of Wales.


Monica Rogan

Founder & Chocolate Maker, Goodnow Farms Chocolate

Monica Rogan is co-founder of award-winning Goodnow Farms Chocolate, making delicious chocolate from fine flavor, ethically sourced cacao beans. Monica first tasted the fruit of the Theobroma Cacao tree in 2003 while in Panama developing eco-resorts, and although she didn’t realize it at the time, her love of chocolate was born.  Her career in real estate development brought her to southern California, where while working on large-scale construction programs she discovered craft chocolate and began experimenting with the many possibilities of true, bean to bar chocolate making in her home kitchen.  In addition to her passion for exceptional bean to bar chocolate, she is strongly committed to the ethical treatment of cacao farmers and sustainable, transparent sourcing. Over the years she has built strong, direct relationships with farmers and producers in the cacao supply chain in Mexico, Central and South America to ensure mutually beneficial relationships and access to consistently high quality beans. Monica holds a BS in Integrated Science & Technology from James Madison University and a MBA from Pepperdine University.  When not making chocolate, Monica is usually traveling or making some other food experiment with her husband and young children.


Jesse Wiley
Chairman of the Board, Wiley

Jesse C. Wiley is the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Wiley (NYSE: JW-A). Prior to being elected as Chairman in 2019, Jesse was an employee of the Company since 2003. He has worked in Wiley’s Research division on business development including building partnerships with academic societies and helping grow business and partnerships in China. Previously he worked in corporate M&A and strategy development, on international business development, digital and new business initiatives, and product development within the division formerly known as Professional Development. Prior to that, he worked as a marketer and then editor of professional books. Jesse holds a BA in Business Administration from the College of Business at San Francisco State University. Jesse is the father of three and he and his wife split their time between California and New Jersey. 


Thomas L. Doorley, III

Chairman and co-Founder, Sage Partners

Tom Doorley is Chairman and co-Founder of Sage Partners. Before Sage, he was a leader in the strategy practice at Deloitte, which was formed from the acquisition of Braxton Consulting, a firm Tom co-founded. He was a spokesman for Deloitte at the World Economic Forum. Tom has been a lead director of several company boards and wrote the book Value-creating Growth. Tom earned his MBA degree at Columbia Business School.


Mimi Macksoud

Partner, Sage Partners

Mimi Macksoud is a partner at Sage Partners. She was the founder and CEO of a venture-backed software and information company that was ultimately acquired by Dow Jones. Previously she was the chief marketing officer for two companies, leading both to record revenues during a major recession. Earlier in her career, she led the sales and marketing effectiveness practice at Arthur D. Little. Mimi earned her MBA degree at the Tuck School of Business.

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