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John E. Conway


Boston, MA

“Globalization, the ever-expanding information revolution, and offshore outsourcing of manufacturing and services have changed business models forever. In fact, business and technology have fused into a single system that will serve as the dominant operating platform for the foreseeable future.”


An enterprise’s ability to survive and grow in this environment will depend on how well it leverages this new paradigm to impact the future of technology, customers, the marketplace and society.

Innovations will lead to the creation of entirely new business concepts, novel enterprise and marketplace collaborations and previously unheard-of efficiencies. Entirely new industries will form, driven by innovations yet to be brought to market.

The next decade will create bold leaders with new strategies that attract talent, manage innovation, establish visionary goals and execute profitably. Sage Partners will be at their side.”

John E. Conway brings over 25 years of enterprise and management consulting experience to Sage Partners. He has worked extensively with and developed game-changing strategies and tactics for Media/Entertainment/Sports, Consumer Electronics, Healthcare, Telecommunications and Aerospace/Defense industry sectors. His clients have ranged from AT&T and IBM to DirecTV and The Walt Disney Company as well as numerous start-up ventures. He served as co-founder and CEO of the sports media/product venture, Electric Red.

Throughout his career, John has focused on strategies and tactics in the areas of new product/ services development and on the creation of new ventures, both within enterprises and without. His efforts have led to breakthrough offerings in satellite television, broadband wireless, media creation/distribution, on-line advertising, business intelligence and sports technology.


John has published and spoken extensively. Most recently he delivered a keynote speech on the Future of Advertising at the Cable and Telecommunications Association for Marketing (CTAM) conference in Boston, MA. On a lighter note, he is author of the best-selling book, Catboat Summers.

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