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Larry Bennigson


Boston, MA

“Opportunities are as central to the creation of new value as risk management is to the protection of value. Boards of Directors must learn to oversee opportunity management with the same zeal they oversee risk management.”

Larry specializes in growth, governance and organization. He co-developed and leads the Opportunity Oversight practice of Sage Partners. He has advised companies in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Russia. He was U.S. President of the SIAR, Managing Partner of the MAC Group, Senior Vice President of Gemini Consulting, and has practiced independently. At the MAC Group he co-founded the practice, “Managing Strategic Change”, co-led the Industrial Practice and directed the firm’s overall practice development process. He co-authored the article Bringing Opportunity Oversight Onto the Board’s Agenda published in March 2013 by MIT Sloan Management Review and serves on the Advisory Board of “Strategy & Leadership”.

He was Chairman of SBS Technologies, Inc., a NASDAQ company, at the time of its acquisition by GE. As an SBS Board Member he was Lead Director, chaired the Compensation and Management Development Committee and served on the Audit Committee. He was a Board and Audit Committee Member of the Central Maine Power Company and remained on the Advisory Board after their acquisition by Energy East. He worked with and served on the Advisory Board of Toffler Associates, the firm founded by Alvin and Heidi Toffler. He is active on other Advisory Boards and is a past President and Chairman of the Project Management Institute.

Larry has taught graduate students and executives on issues of operations and manufacturing strategy at the Harvard Business School, Stanford University School of Engineering, London Business School and Lund University GSE&M. He was a Senior Vice President of HBSi and Senior Fellow of HBS Executive Education where he helped oversee the growth of the school’s custom programs for client companies and led and taught in selected programs. Larry also served as the Interim Executive Director, Office of Communication, of the MIT Sloan School of Management.

At HBS, Larry led a number of international assignments including developing executive programs for European companies and private and public sector leaders of all Middle-Eastern countries. At Gemini Consulting he advised the Greek government on their first presidency of the EU which included creating a task force of leading European economic and social development experts.

Dr. Bennigson has a Doctorate in Industrial Engineering (with specialization in Human Factors Engineering and Industrial Organization) from Stanford University along with his B.S. in General Engineering from UCLA. Prior to his teaching and consulting career, he served for six years in the US Navy on destroyers in the Pacific, taught Naval Science at Stanford University, and competed in the 1960 Olympic Trials in Crew. And he plays a mean banjo.

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