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Marc Fox



I specialize in accelerating outcomes, driving growth and value creation across business. To quote Wayne Gretzky, I skate where the puck is going to be, not where it has been. My focus is access to markets & funding, new venture consulting, interim management, restructuring and new venture acceleration.


I’ve been the client as a CIO & COO, delivering innovative solutions to 60,000 accountants across the globe. I’ve been the vendor as a senior executive in Telecoms. I’ve worked with start-ups and scale ups to incubate and deliver impactful solutions. Combining an education in computer science, architecture and finance; and my experience, spanning executive and technology leadership as well as sales and product leadership, I am apt to develop strategies and plans of execution, which span the organization. I champion the client’s customer throughout the value chain and operationalize strategy to bridge gaps in results and deliver measurable business outcomes.

Be it with start-ups, scale-ups and mature businesses, Marc has been focused on accelerating outcomes and delivering measurable results. His reputation is that of a creative problem solver, putting into play solutions, which notably, can be sustained by the teams on whom the organization will depend, long after Marc’s engagement is over.

Marc’s passion is helping companies re-focus on customers as foundational to a great strategy – to then accelerate growth.

I believe the customer is the arbiter and a natural linkage point between all business units of a company. I believe in helping customers solve problems of value to them, not selling them products of value to me.

Marc, a Swiss and Canadian citizen, attended Columbia University; the University of Waterloo and is a graduate in Computer Science from the University of Victoria. Marc is also a member of the Canadian Institute of Corporate Directors as well as a founding member of the CIO Association of Canada. He lives primarily in Switzerland and France and focuses on large and start-up organizations in both Europe and North America. Amongst Marc’s hobbies, is ski mountaineering in places like the Alps, the Himalaya, Japan and Canada, as well as sharing a moment or three with bears and tempting salmon to take his fly on remote rivers of British Columbia.

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