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  • Kathy Schaller

CEOs tell how a “Winning Mindset” drives growth

During the second virtual event of our (re)Ignite Growth series, Winning with a Growth Mindset, Sage Partners led a panel discussion with leaders who have helped their organizations develop mindsets that are key to navigating the challenges of 2020. The feedback has been inspiring, and we have the video for those who missed it or would like to share it.

Here are a few highlights that our panelists and participants said about Mindset and its role in propelling them forward:

"We see our achieving our mission as important, urgent, and incredibly possible. Our mindset is to be completely relentless and know there will be barriers put in the way."

  • Martin Burns, CEO of Bruin Biometrics, a late-stage medical device startup

"Mindset is having a passion for your mission. We have a strong sense of urgency. We don’t apologize for having high standards."

  • Suzin Bartley, Executive Director of Children’s Trust, a nonprofit recognized nationally for its child abuse prevention programs

"There is huge economic value and loyalty value in being a customer-focused organization. We help companies navigate to a digital mindset."

  • David Schmaier, CEO of Salesforce Industries

"Intellectual curiosity is a key part of mindset at a strategic level - to understand why things work, why the industry is where it is, and what some of the opportunities are that may not have emerged yet."

  • Charles Popper, CEO of TechPar Group and Senior Fellow Innovation and Digital Transformation Center at The Conference Board

"Action follows mindset."

  • John Donovan, recently retired CEO of AT&T Communications and business advisor

Sage Partners virtual events are designed to deliver inspiration and practical approaches to help you (re)Ignite Growth in your organization. Our next event on January 28 - Turn Lessons from 2020 into Actions in 2021 - has an all-star CEO panel sharing their insights and best practices.


Sage Partner Kathleen Schaller contributed this Sage Advice.

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