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Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Reinforcing our Connections - Celebrating our Community

It has been a long three years since we held our last Annual Partner meeting in person. While we successfully navigated the time where being apart was prudent, being together in Santa Fe at the same venue was a joyous event for our Partners and plus ones.

At the opening session our founder Thomas Doorley, III remarked, "Sage Partners is a place for high-talent, high-character, professionals to contribute, leveraging our experience to translate theory into practice." Through nuanced conversations that are difficult if not impossible to conduct in a virtual world, we reinforced our deep connections and celebrated the community that is Sage Partners.

As a group, we've navigated the past three years and have become more efficient and effective. Still, there is no substitute for being together in one room, to break bread, and to enjoy one another's company. Highly recommended.

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