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(re)Ignite Growth - How to Create Today's Navigation Plans

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Sage Partners leads the next in a series of conversations on how to (re)Ignite Growth during the COVID era

Today’s CEOs are like ship captains who find themselves thrust into treacherous seas and hazardous weather conditions. The captain and crew must respond much more rapidly than they would if they were sailing with fair winds and familiar landmarks. Even before COVID, the accelerating pace of change was undermining traditional planning cycles and strategy formulation processes. Today’s environment requires much more emphasis on responsive tactics as obstacles and opportunities arise - but not losing sight of the shared horizon.

Join Sage Partners for our next virtual event, (re)Ignite Growth: How to Create Today’s Navigation Plans. Our panelists will share what they’ve learned from leading through uncertain times. What adjustments did they make? Which ones were successful? What mistakes did they learn from? And how will those lessons help them steer their organizations forward in 2021?

Our panel includes (bios here):

Rebecca Dalley, Executive Director of The Shuttleworth Trust

Monica Rogan, Founder & Chocolate Maker, Goodnow Farms Chocolate

Jesse Wiley, Chairman of the Board, Wiley

Virtual Event: April 8, 2021 @ 1 PM EDT | 10 AM PDT | 7 PM CEST

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